Custom T-Shirt Printing

Shirt digital printing, DTG (direct to garment) printing is a printing process to print any image, photoshop images, vector images, and photo printing directly onto t-shirts without intermediaries other media. With printer technology DTG direct to garment digital printing t-shirts DTG become easier with better results and satisfying as t-shirts. DTG digital printing t-shirts are no longer using the ink sublime and transfer paper so that the color images are brighter and durable washed many times. Results finer and soak into the shirt or other media to be printed.

About Custom T-Shirt Printing

Shirt digital printing DTG excellence are:
1. Can print shirt and a set of perfect color gradation
2. There are no restrictions on the design of color images to be printed
3. The prints sharper and evenly shirts
4. Results shirt printing durable despite washed many times
5. The pervasive shirt prints on jersey material with soft-feel character
6. The prints can be ironed shirt and not sticky
7. Do not use an expensive transfer paper
8. Do not fade
9. Able to print photos to T-shirts
10. Can be printed directly onto the shirt so it made from combed cotton / carded / TC or other fabrics.

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